Friday, April 14, 2006

Atlanta Looks to rebound vs the Padres

The season has started for the Atlanta Braves, but it's been a bit of a lackluster start for the season - despite losses and bad showings by Davies and even veteran Tim Hudson. As a matter of fact, Kyle Davies let three homers and five runs go in the first inning vs the Phillies the other day. That may be the worst first inning I've personally ever seen. Then again, it seems just like normal history repeating itself with a shaky start for the Braves, but let's all hope it gets better from here.

On the Horizon, we've got Francoer who some see as turning around his rusty start with just 2 hits so far from his 35 at bats, as well we get to see if Tim Hudson can make up his bad showing versus both the Dodgers, where he couldnt record an out in the fifth, and versus the Giants where he gave up another slew of runs in the second inning on Saturday.

On top of this We've got to worry about Sosa's performance - was he a one season wonder? One has to ask the question...

Despite all this, we've got stallwarts like Smoltz, and Giles despite injury still pullin it through. It's always been the core like that that allow the rest to get back into the swing of things in the past, and hopefully come soon, the Braves'll have their act back. For now, that's all. Ive got great club tix, and I'm going to go and watch my Braves tonite, and hope that everything comes together, and we see the Padres go DOWN!. GO BRAVES!!!

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