Monday, June 26, 2006

No End To June Drought Yet for Braves

I had the best Braves Tickets last week I have yet to get - Dugout seats, next to my Braves to see them play the Toronto Blue Jays. I even brought my trusty Nikon to mark the occasion with some photos (Will post pics later).
The day was awesome. Had green zone parking passes and everything. For the first seven innings, the Braves put together a good game and Horacio kept us in a lead. Just as soon as he comes off they put in three more pitchers to try and do their job, finish, but they didn't...
The Braves ended up giving the lead to the Blue Jays despite a great last-ditch effort from Diaz, Francoeur, some pinch hitting, and almost from Chipper, who slammed the ball with men on base and 2 strikes in bottom of the 9th, but couldn't get it out of reach from the Jays' outfielders.
That game makes it 11 losses in a row... let's hope the Braves keep their chins up. We've got games this weekend at Florida. Let's GO BRAVES!!!!


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